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Purchase and Configure your Virtual Assistant Package

The chat and the call service

Have you always dreamed of having an assistant? With Peekaboox you can even have two! Read on to find out how!

With Peekaboox's virtual assistant package, one virtual assistant will take care of receiving your calls, while another will take care of answering your website chat.

You can activate your VA whenever you want: set up the weekly calendar and configure the working time of your virtual assistant.

And not only that, the VA will personally take care of managing your instance of Peekaboox services : from your bookings to invoices or your CRM...

Peekabox also offers three different packages that can be purchased easily online, from the comfort of your office and you will have a free chat installation service on your website and the assignment of a virtual number.

How to purchase the Virtual Assistant package

  1. Navigate to the subscription> Virtual Assistant section and choose the plan that fits you:
  • 100 hours package: €500
  • 200 hours package: € 950 with 5% saving
  • 500 hours package: € 2.250 with 10% saving

scegli piano

  1. Enter the details of the cardholder with whom you will make the payment

dettagli titolare carta

  1. Enter the card details

dati carta

That’s it! The purchase process is completed. Let's move on to the configuration part.

How to configure your Virtual Assistant

Once you have purchased the package you will see this screen:


in order to configure the chat service and the call service you will need to upload some documents. Let's see in detail:

Chat service

To set up this service you will need to have a Google Tag Manager profile. If you don't have one yet, click here to find out how to create a new one and how to configure it on Peekaboox. Then check your status:

  1. Start: Wait for a Peekaboox operator to contact you within a business day or two
  2. Getting requirements: decide where to install the chat and give access to your Google Tag Manager data to the Peekaboox operator. If you already have a chatbot give access to it.
  3. Installing: Your chat is being installed
  4. Completed: process completed!

status completed

Your new chat has been successfully installed and a Peekaboox operator is ready to reply to all your messages.

servizio chat

Phone Service/Virtual Number Assignment

For this service it will be necessary to assign a virtual number so that the virtual assistant can receive calls from your customers. The virtual number is a local number that Peekaboox assigns to you. The activation process can last about ten days and in order to activate it you will need to:

  • Upload an identity document
  • Upload a valid residence proof
  • Check your status:
  1. Start: upload the requested documents mentioned above
  2. Pending: an operator will view the documents
  3. Processing request: the documents you uploaded are correct. Peekaboox operators are setting up a new virtual number for you.
  4. Connecting: the new virtual number is being activated
  5. Completed: and it is at this stage that you will receive your virtual number! The phone service setup process is also completed. Now you will be able to configure the calendar and decide when to activate your new Virtual Assistant!

calendario VA

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