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Add New Supplier

Learn how to add a New supplier on your Peekaboox

The role of a supplier in a business in providing high-quality products is crucial. Peekaboox has made it easier to organize your supplier list, edit supplier details and manage company expenses through several easy steps aimed at better time management and more optimized interaction with your suppliers.

In order to add a new a supplier:

  • Navigate to 'Suppliers' in your 'Accounting' tab
  • Click 'New' and add details of your supplier

new supplier button

In the New Supplier dialogue window which will open up, you need to enter the necessary details (name, email, phone as well as full address info) to complete the process because expenses are tied to supplier and the information provided reflects in other areas of the system:

add new supplier

  • Click 'Save' to update the data

Peekaboox also supports data exporting into Excel or CSV files by clicking 'Export to' in the main suppliers list.

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