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Enable an Operator

Learn how to enable an operator in Peekaboox

Different staff/operators can have different access to various Peekaboox features. Users can easily give various roles or enable/disable particular members of staff or operators.

When it comes to enabling operators, they are automatically enabled by default when you add an operator. If an operator is not enabled they can't access the system features.


For enabling already existing operators, just follow the below steps:

  • From 'My Business' under 'Staff', you'll see the full list of operators which you can additionally sort or filter by name, email, given role and activity status
  • Locate the operator you need and at the 'Enable' column, a mark that says 'Yes' appears if the operator is enabled. While 'No' indicates they are disabled.
  • To enable an operator labelled as 'No', click on the 'Enable' button above.

enable operator

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