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How to login

Learn how to sign up and login on Peekaboox

Creating a profile and registering your company on the platform is rather simple on Peekaboox.

In order to start the registration process and create a company's profile, the user should enter the URL of the platform ( in the browser's address bar and then on the website shown on the screen to just move the cursor to the Sign up button in the right coner of the window and click on it for the registration window to be opened.

peekaboox signup

When the window opens there will be an initial registration page with three fields which should be filled in as required, including name, last name and email. This will lead to the second registration window with the following details:

  • Password - here you enter your unique password required to login to the platform
  • Company name - this field should contain the full and legal name of the company.
  • Company's Hostname which you want to put as part of the website address. (e.g. This is the domain customers will be referenced to when using your service. If the domain is not already taken there will be a green check sign next to it. If it is already taken, you will be informed with a red check sign that you need to correct it.
  • Country of residence - simply select the country of residence from the drop-down menu
  • Finally, click the Register button below these fields to submit the application.

sign up on peekaboox

After registration is confirmed and the application is successfully integrated within the system, the user can simply visit the address that goes and enter the provided username and password and will be redirected to the dashboard and to the back office of the company's site.

From there the you can access all other features and options which can be adjusted as per the user's preferences. You can make changes on the calendar, manage all the bookings and follow products development, manage staff information and details, enter new suppliers and manage the current ones, refer to general statistics and accounting, change the profile and the company's public data, manage promocodes and card processors, and manage complete the website builder.

You can always get in touch with us for any help or assistance. Enjoy the platform and grow your business at the same time.