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Change the currency

How do I change the currency for my company?

Adapting your business according to your preferences is quite easy with Peekaboox. Tha platform allows you to completely set up the basics as per your needs and business ideas. When it comes to changing the currency in Peekaboox, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the My Business tab
  • Navigate to ‘Profile’

You will reach the main window which contains the general data for your company such as name of the entity, legal address, email, tax registration number, contact details etc. as well as the localization section.


  • Go to the localization section and you will be able to adjust the main currency of your company which is really important because both online invoicing and payment are done using this currency.
  • You will be able to select a country, timezone and currency, as well as to mark the location and the served area on an interactive area.

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Scheduler