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How to create a New Service on Peekaboox

Creating a service is the primary requirement in order to utilize your Peekabook system. Without a service you offer you would not have any bookings nor any customers to begin with.

Peekaboox offers quite an extensive services management section which gives you the ability to adjust numerous parameters and define or edit a particular service and what it offers in the best way possible. What is convenient is that you can also set service payment options, introduce a discount for a particular service, or even enable/disable a service according to your preferences at a given time.

To create a new service:

  • Go to ‘My Business’ tab
  • Navigate to 'My Services' and click 'New' above

new service button

Fill in all necessary details in order to add the service, such as:

  • Details
    • service name used in emails and on the website
    • service type - per hour based and it impacts how invoices are evaluated
    • booking time interval (Per service based feature shall be introduced soon enough and will enable to determine the booking time interval (ex. If you put 30 minutes, it means you accept booking every 30 minutes - 9am..930am 10am, etc.)
    • minimum duration - important for determining Pricing details and Short time rate
    • single worker title determining the function of the worker
    • multiple workers title
    • service frequency - single, multiple or recurring
    • operator selection option - select if you want your customer to select the operator during customer checkout

operator selection option

  • Hours - Define your working hours by dragging your cursor on the calendar. You can choose your pricing bracket by clicking on the block.

hours new service

  • Pricing
    • Set base rate - standard price applied referring to standard working hours
    • Overtime rate - price applied for overtime work
    • Short rate - price applied for bookings lasting shorter than a pre-defined set of minutes
    • VAT rate - VAT tax rate applicable for the service and you can set it under the Pricing section when you (edit a service under the Services bar of the My Business field

pricing rates

  • Discounts - introducing a particular discount based on a booking duration. Discounts stack so you can set more applicable discounts and define multiple tiers and choose between fixed and/or percent discounts.


  • Extras - Define any service extra (multiple choice, yes/no or numeric) and their pricing
  • Payments - Define which payment methods will be offered to your customers when booking this service. If you'd like to accept credit card payments, remember to configure a payment processor

payment new service

  • Remember to hit 'Confirm' in order to save the new service

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