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Booking Details - Operator

Learn how to check which operator is assigned to a particular reservation

Creating bookings is the fun part of running a business, however, managing those bookings properly is essential for a successful business. One of the most important aspects of bookings management is to know which operator is responsible and assigned to a particular booking. Now, Peekaboox allows to easily check the operator assigned for the booking by:

  • Going to ‘Bookings’ tab where you will access the complete list of bookings already done.
  • You can easily filter the list by ID number, service, dates, operator/customer, status, duration and total amount.
  • When you find a particular entry - double-click or click 'Show Details' of the selected Customer. There will be pop-up window coming up containing the details for that parcitular operator/customer and for that particular booking as selected from the list. You can see the task, the status, the type of booking and even notes.
  • On the left side of the windows you chooose the 'Appointments' tab

booking details - operator

  • You then click on 'Appointment Details' and you'll be routed to another window to make changes. You will see the operator details here under the status of the appointment.

booking details - operator

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