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Issue debit notes and send them to the SDI

Send debit notes from your back office

Do you need to integrate the amounts shown in a previously issued invoice? Have you found an error on the invoice that leads to an increase in taxable amount or VAT?

With Peekaboox you can also send debit notes and issue them to the Sistema di Interscambio Centrale directly from your back office!

Let's see how:


From the invoices section, click on new and enter the various details of the debit note.

the procedure is identical to issuing an invoice or a credit note

In the type of document entry though, enter debit note.

nota di debito seleziona


Then we will insert the lines of our debit note: click on the object and enter:

  • Description: for example "Debit note for Invoice number 10"
  • Type: Service
  • Number of items: for example 1
  • Unit price: for example 10

This will form the total of the debit note.

linee nota debito


Once you have reached the preview, click on confirm.


Please note that once the debit note is issued, it will be marked in the revenue section of the P&L.

nota di debito in ricavi

How to send a debit note to the Sistema di Interscambio Centrale

Now let's see how to send the debit note to the Sistema di Interscambio (SdI).


Right-click on the debit note you are interested in and click 'send to SDI'.

invia notadebito allo sdi


Check the status of your debit note. Once sent to the sdi, you will see three dots that will change color according to the status of your debit note:

tre pallini_status

  • A green dot: this means that Peekaboox has queued your request and will send it to the SDI as soon as possible.
  • Two green dots, on the other hand, mean that the debit note has been correctly received by the SdI.
  • Regarding the third dot: If you see a blue dot, it means that the SdI has processed the request available in the tax mail box, but has not sent a notification via pec, because it may be that the customer's pec in his profile is either incorrect or not present at all. Three green dots indicate that the debit note has been processed by the SDI and is available for consultation in the reserved area, moreover a pec has been sent for information to the customer If the third dot is red, it means that there have been errors. Peekaboox, however, before sending the debit note to the SDI, carries out checks to verify that it is formally correct; so it is unlikely to happen.

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