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Receive Invoices Payable

With Peekaboox you can also manage invoices payable

In the previous videos we have seen how send invoices or debit and credit notes to your customers and how to issue them to the SDI. However, if your company has suppliers, you will also receive and record invoices payable. Fortunately, Peekaboox allows the receipt of electronic invoices payable directly from your back office! Let's see how:


First of all, make sure that the VAT number you entered in the tax profile section is correct

p. iva check


Then navigate to passive > invoices:

  • Upload the Chamber of Commerce registration, self-certification or the certificate of attribution of the VAT number
  • Wait for the manual verification of one of our operators

upload documento


Once confirmed, you will be able to view your new unique code. To receive passive invoices, simply provide your code to the supplier who in turn will insert it in the invoice that he will issue to you.

codice univoco


Once the supplier sends the invoice to the SDI, you will receive a notification both on Peekaboox and by email. If by chance the supplier forgets to enter your unique code, you can always manually import the xml of the electronic invoice received by email. You can always view your invoices from the invoices> passive section, and you can also export them to a pdf or XML file.

visualizza e scarica fattura

Invoices and suppliers

Furthermore, when you receive invoices payable from new suppliers, they will automatically be entered in the suppliers section of your back office

Invoices and accounting

As for the accounting of invoices payable, just go to the section P&L > Expenses > add.

contabilizza fattura passiva

You can also associate the supplier and the passive invoice with the expense for a simplified accounting reading!

associa fornitore e fattura

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