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Download an Invoice

How do I download an invoice for a customer?

Peekaboox comes set and equipped with an excellent invoice management set of features aimed at simplifying the whole process and make data and invoice management much more efficient. From creating a new invoice, editing an exhisting one or even printing it, downloading an Invoice in Peekaboox is as easy as a click of a button.

To do so, simply use the mouse to navigate to the 'Invoices' tab on the menu of the main dashboard to access the complete list of invoices.

how to download invoices

  • You can filter and sort the list of invoices through the search bar and the filter on each column
  • Then, you double-click the desired Invoice from the list (either locate it by invoice number, amount, customer or date;) or highlight it and then click 'Show details' above
  • There will be a pop-up page appearing with the details of the Invoice
  • On the lower left side of the pop-up, click on the'Download' button and this will download the file into your computer
  • Select the format you wish to dowload your invoice (e.g. PDF)
  • Save the file into a folder in your computer - you can choose the Downloads folder as the easiest location to save and access files or you can choose another folder where you want to keep your invoices.


Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Accountant