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How to integrate Paypal with Peekaboox

Paypal, as the largest and most famous online payment processor is supported by Peekaboox. In order to integrate Paypal as a payment option to your Peekaboox, simply follow the steps:

In order to activate Paypal, you need to firstly configure it as a payment processor in the settings section.

payment processor paypall

  • Navigate to Settings tab under My Business
  • Highlight the Payment Processors button
  • Click on Add a new a new one or select an entry and click on Edit
  • Select Paypal in the Payment Processor editing window
  • Click Next to enter the Details tab and set the Client ID and Secret Key
  • Create a Paypal account here. - It is a typical sign up window which requires to general details to entered in order for the account to be set up. From email and password, up to first and last name of the user, legal business name, phone and address details.

paypal account creation

  • Create a REST API App here to get the Client ID and Secret Key - this is the standard Paypal integration guidelines window which explains the procedure on how to integrate Paypal wihin your background services. The process wraps up with the unique Client ID and Secret Key users get which need to be entered directly in Peekaboox's payment processor configuration wizard.

paypal api


  • Ensure Vault are enabled in your Paypal account. Vault are enabled by default

paypal integration

Peekaboox allows its users to assign different payment options for each service they offer and you can select Paypal from the list of payment method in the service section. Go to the ‘My Services’ tab of 'My Business' in the main menu and select the service you would want to activate the payment option with. This services list gives you an overview of all listed services, both active and non-active. You can search through the list via the searh bar or filter them by several criteria such as name, type or even base price.

services tab list

  • When you highlight or double-click the service you need, you will see a pop-up window for editing the service.

service details

At the 'Payment' section, define which payment method will be offered to your customers when they book the service. Cash is always available, the credit card payment depends on what you have configured in the payment processor section.

paypal option payment

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