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How to Install Google Analytics on Your Site

Understanding one's audience deeply is a necessity for every website.

Which are your best contents, and which ones have not been successful? How many users have subscribed to your newsletter? How many readers have visited your website and where do they come from? In short, Google Analytics will help you to know every detail regarding the traffic on your website and therefore to understand what your readers are doing on it.

To know how to implement Google Analytics on your website, I will help you, instead, with this very simple guide! Let's go!

Premise: you must have already configured Google Tag manager on your site, if you haven't already done so you can find the guide by clicking here.

  1. Go to the Google Analytics website and log into your profile using your Google Account.
  2. Click on administration at the bottom left, then on Tracking ID and Tracking Code.

Click on tracking info e code

  1. Copy the UA-XXXXXX-X code.

copy UA code

  1. By accessing your Google Tag Manager and the container where you want to use GA, go to Tags and click on New
  2. Tag Configuration:
  • Set Google Analytics: Universal Analytics as the Tag type, then choose Page View as the Track Type: the tag will be activated every time the page is viewed.
  • Now check the option of Enable override settings in this tag and paste the previously copied UA-XXXXXX-X code.

tag configuration

  1. Triggering: Select All Pages
  2. Significantly rename your new Tag to help you distinguish it from other Tags!
  3. If you want you can check in Preview mode that your tag is displayed correctly: go to your website and check that your new tag is present among the Tags Fired On This Page in the Google Tag Manager window at the bottom. Good, you just have to publish everything by clicking on Submit!

Job done! Now that you know everything (or almost!) about your visitors, achieve your goals easier than ever!