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Monitor the Cash Flow

Learn how to monitor the Cash Flow on Peekaboox

A balance sheet is one of the most important financial statements that report the company's assets and liabilities at a specific point in time, and provides the main basis for performing a strategical evaluation of the financial condition. Peekaboox offers an excellent overview of the important figures so users can check the progress of their company’s yearly cash flow in several quick steps:

  • Go to ‘Dashboard’.
  • Navigate to the Balance sheet and Cash Flow chart

balance sheet

Here you will be able to view the yearly and monthly progress of your balance sheet and cash flow, neatly arranged by types of assets and liabilities. The dashboard offers a visual representation of the numbers. However, you can check the numbers directly in the Reports tab.

  • Navigate to the Reports tab
  • Mark the Balance sheet tab
  • Scroll through the extensive list of assets and liabilities

balance sheet

In the assets part it includes petty cash, various cash accounts, bank, trade debtors, investments, accumulated depression, property, plant and equipment and cash transfer control. The liabilities section covers sales tax control, long term liabilities, reserves and various creditors. Finally, you can also track the cash flow as well.

All these details can be sorted on a yearly or a monthly level or downloaded for easier data management.

Another very practical and data focused way to check the cash flow is to seek your answers within the report tab. The report section gives you the details and the analysis you really need.

  • Navigate to the Reports tab
  • Select the Monthly Cash Flow Report tab
  • Select the Fiscal year
  • Scroll down the list to find the Cash flow sections of the table
    • Cash flow from operations
    • Cash flow from investing activities
    • Cash flow from financing activities showing long term liabilities and share capital
    • Net cash movement
    • Cash at beginning of period
    • Cash at end of period

The list is extensive and it shows all the cash flow movement per category and per month. Users can easily export this data to Excel files by clicking on the Export data button.

cash flow report

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Accountant