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Import your customers list on Peekaboox

With Peekaboox you can import your customer list to your back office in few simple steps!

Peekaboox CRM is practical, efficient and user friendly. To speed up the onboarding process, Peekaboox allows you to import your customer list directly into your back office in few simple steps.

1. Import your customers from another CRM

If you used another CRM system, export the customer list in CSV and then upload it to Peekaboox directly. Once your list is exported:

  • Go to the customers section
  • Click on import


  • Click on CSV: for the moment only the Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is supported, which is however the format used by practically every software to import or export a contact list, but the Excel format (XLSX) will also be available soon.


  • Select the delimiter you prefer


  • Upload the CSV file

upload file

2. Import your customer list "from scratch"

If you want to import your paper customer list, or your list is in some other format, you will need to create a new CSV file and import it into Peekaboox. If you don't know how to create a CSV file you can download the template from your back office:

  • Go to the customers section
  • Click on import
  • CSV
  • Download the template with comma delimiter.

scarica template

How to create your customer list in CSV

You can choose to open the file with a text editor, or a spreadsheet. I opened it with good old notepad! :) Opening the file you will find in the first string the denominators of the customer details:

City, Country, County, Email, "First Name", "Fiscal Code", "Last Name", "Legal Name", Pec, Phone, Street, Trn, "Unique Code", Zip

prima stringa

It is not necessary that you enter all the data:

  • For a customer without VAT number the required fields are name, email and telephone
  • For a customer with VAT number or company the mandatory fields are: VAT number (Trn), legal name and email

The template already contains two examples to help you write the customer details. The first is the example of a company, let's see it in detail:

società ex

Being a company it has neither First Name, nor Fiscal Code, nor Last Name. We will therefore replace these elements with a simple comma. The same principle also applies to replace non-mandatory data that we do not want to enter!


So what you need to do is simply write the customer data in the string order, separating it by a comma and insert a comma in place of the field you want to leave blank.

Once you have entered the entire customer list in this way, just upload it to your Peekaboox back office, following the same process I showed you before.

From the customer section:

  • Click on import
  • Click on CSV
  • Select the delimiter you prefer
  • Upload the CSV file

In addition, Peekaboox sends you a summary email in which you will be notified if all the data has been uploaded correctly and, if not, which errors have occurred.


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