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Accept Bookins from Your Website

Find out how your customers can book a service online directly from your website!

Peekaboox not only allows your customers to book a service directly from your website and make online payments by credit card, but also to select their preferences when booking!

How do my customers book from my site?

By integrating the Peekaboox checkout, or the "book now" button on your website, your customers will be able to book and pay for a service easily and from the comfort of their sofa! If you have created a website with Peekaboox, the checkout is already integrated.

How does the checkout work?

First of all, let's understand how online bookings work with Peekaboox checkout. Once your customer clicks the "book now" button, they will be able to:

  • Choose which service to book (if you offer more than one service). Click here to find out how to create a new service.

più di un seva

  • Choose the number of operators (if you have any!)

nr operatori

  • Set the frequency of the service (single, multiple or recurring service)

frequenza servizio

  • Book a virtual service (if you decide to enable remote services)

servizio da remoto

data ora servizio

  • Choose the operator (if you enable this option from the services section)

decidi operatore

servizi extra

  • write notes and add tasks

note compiti

At the last two steps of the checkout, your customer will have to enter their details, and choose which payment method to use. Also, if you have it, you can enter a promo code. Once you click on book, you will enter your credit card details (you decide the payment method!)

The checkout is obviously configurable from the "services" section of your Peekaboox backoffice.

configura checkout

How to accept a reservation

Once the customer has booked, you will be able to view the new booking both from the reservations section and from the calendar section. From the reservations section you can decide whether to accept or reject it simply by clicking on it and then on accept or declinet.

accetta prenotazione

Or, as in the calendar section, you can double click on it, view the details and decide whether to accept or reject it.

accetta prenotazione 2

I remind you that to accept credit card payments you must have configured a payment method among those available.

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