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Learn how to view your company's Revenues on Peekaboox

For every company, the revenue vs. expenses management is more than important for the complete financial picture to become clear. Revenues, or sometimes called sales, are an integral part of the operation and the term refers to all the money that your company takes in from the service provided. Peekaboox offers great review option both for adding or editing revenues.

Peekaboox supports two types of revenues - manual and generated from services. Manual expenses are manually inserted and not tied to any bookings. Generated are sourced from the services generated either from the backoffice or from the website.

Here are the steps in viewing your company's Revenue page.

  • Navigate on to the 'Revenues/Expense' in your 'Accounting' tab
  • Select 'Revenues' in the upper part of the window

view company revenues

  • From here, you'll see the list of Revenue generating items from your service
  • The list can be easily filtered or sorted by document date, invoice, ID number, name of customer, bank account, service provided, payment date, tax rate and amount paid.
  • If you double-click on a specific service, you'll find a detailed information according to the Invoice sent and you can also download the corresponding invoice

In order to generate the required Revenue report, you will also have the option to export the Revenues file through xls or csv by clicking on the 'Export to' button above.

What is important in this regard is that when a revenue is inserted, the balance sheet, the monthly cash flow report and the dashboard overview are updated accordingly. The payment date is used to evaluate when the revenue is accounted.

export revenue list

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