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Generate SIF report - WPS UAE

Learn how to generate a SIF report online and submit through WPS in the UAE

Create a valid Salary Information File (SIF) is a mandatory requirement to process salary payment through WPS in the UAE. This process can be cumbersome and may be prone to error. With Peekaboox you can generate SIF report easily and without errors.

Ensure that your company details are updated with relevant WPS information

Navigate to My Business - Profile to upate relevant WPS details.

  • In the employer id field, insert the 13 digit Employer Unique ID (Establishment Number) of the company with Ministry of Labour. If the length is less than 13 digits, pad the field with leading zeros. Errors are reported by the automatic validation.
  • In the Bank Name field, select the bank through which salaries are paid. The routing code is assigned automatically.

SIF company details

Ensure that for each employee the WPS data section is filled

In order to generate the SIF file, each employee must have the proper information set in his card. Navigate to My Business - Staff to update these details.

SIF employee details

  • Insert the bank name in the appropriate field; the routing code is assigned automatically.
  • Insert the 14 digit Employee ID number provided by Ministry of Labour in the appropriate field. This information is printed on the Employee Labour cards. If the length is less than 14 digits, pad the field with leading zeros. Errors are reported by the automatic validation.
  • Enter the employee IBAN number. The salary will be credited into this account. Automatic validation reports any error.
  • Enter the fixed salary of the employee, including allowances. You will be able to update the variable part later in the process.

Press Generate WPS button

When ready press the Generate WPS button to start the process. The outcome is a SIF file to be submitted to your bank through the WPS system. The file name is updated accordingly to SIF guidelines.

How to generate a SIF file online - WPS UAE

Select the report period and the employees

First select for which period you want to generate the SIF file. As a second step select the employees; you can select them all or generete the report only for a subset.

Select the period for SIF file

Update fixed and variable

During this step you can update the data of your employees by adding the optional variable part of the salary and leave days. This will impact the SIF report generated. Once the data is updated, you can press the Confirm button to generate the report.

Insert employee data for SIF file

Press Confirm to generate the report

The report is generated and accessible from your computer. You can now submit to your bank through WPS.

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